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Colorful Bunnies are happy creatures, which love gamboling in the meadows, having fun, making jokes and primarily they can change colors. But now Colorful Bunnies are terrified. An Evil Falcon attacked them and bunnies have to hide ahead of it. However, you can save bunnies winning this game.

This is a logic game. You have to set colors of four bunnies in appropriate way.  It is shown on the top of the board. To be more difficult, changing the color of one bunny, changes the color of another bunny (sometimes even several bunnies). You have to discover which bunny changes another bunny.

Have fun!

Install instructions

This is game for a computer. You need Java JRE 1.4.0 or newest. After unpacking zip file you have to click on exe file and game will start.


Colorful Bunnies.zip 1 MB
Kolorowe Króliki.zip 1 MB

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